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Shakti's Lila T Shirt / Ladies Tank

by Jon Osiris


"Lila" can be loosely translated as the noun "play" from sanskrit. The play of "Shakti" is also Maya, the phenomenal world of illusion. The veils of illusion can pulled back by the willful and wise practitioner, where one can take part in this "play" in more subtle and refined vibrational fields.

This design was originally created for the Initiates and friends of the International Nath Order, a Kula of yogis and mystics. Current screens of this design have the artist's personal crest on the back.

*All of Jon Osiris' works are designed as Yantra, which can be used for focusing the mind in practices of meditation and contemplation in higher Yogas.

Printed on T's and Tanks by Next Level Apparel, Screen printed by Empty Thread Co. in CO, USA. T's are 100% cotton and Tanks are 57% cotton 38% poly blend.