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Havan Kund Fire Altar Kit

$30.00 / On Sale

The Havan Kund or Fire-Altar is traditionally used in the ritual of Homa (typically smaller & private) or Yajna (larger, public with more precise Vedic doctrine).

Homa(m) is a Sanskrit word that means "offering into fire" and are these vessels are appropriate for most any fire rite. Fire is the most transformative element on the earth plane and becomes a living, breathing entity when properly fed. Perhaps humankind's oldest ally, fire burns upward and represents the male principle, while the vessel itself is the womb, the universal feminine principle.

The vessels are made of stamped copper and measure 8.5" x 8.5" x 3.25" deep. Procured in Varanasi, India, the ancient and auspicious city of Shiva. Once stateside, they were taken to the workshop and hand embossed with the Baraka Naga Yantra in 5 places. These 5 marks are reminders of the 4 gates: the cardinal elements and the mysterious 5th, the bindu of spirit. Also, the 5 represents The Kleshas - Obstacles to attainment & realization. Kleshas are that which must be transmuted to attain moksha (liberation) - They are ego, ignorance, repulsion, attachment, and clinging to life.

Also obtained in Varanasi along the latest journey, were five small, very rough trishul castings. These were also taken to the shop, cleaned up and finished to a high luster. They have been given a prominent seat at the edge of the kund.. just insert the shaft into the hole provided after setting up the copper vessel on small pile of earth or a couple of bricks.

Also comes with some Copal resin from South America as a burnable offering to get you started.

~Om Namah Shivaya~