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Hanbleciya Bandana

by Jon Osiris

$10.00 / Sold Out

Prounounced "Han-bletch-eeya" The Lakota word means "to cry for a vision". This Bandana was created in preparation for this ceremony in which one fasts and prays for 4 days without leaving their coffin-like area on the landscape. Dying to the flesh, the spirit is given complete focus. The supporters tend a continual fire back at camp during this time (center spiraling design) and the whole community eats and drinks for them. The four directions are continually acknowledged during this ceremony, hence the four mountain-like structures in the design. This ceremony is also commonly called, "going on the hill".

Screened on 100% cotton bandana 22"x22" before washing. If tumble dried, cloth shrinks to just over 20"

*All of Jon Osiris' works are designed as Yantra, which can be used for focusing the mind in practices of meditation and contemplation in higher Yogas.