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Ganesh for Kali Yuga

by Jon Osiris

$60.00 / Sold Out

Ganapati, or literally, "Lord of (Shiva's) Hosts" is manifesting grounded stability while embodied in Kali Yuga, (the age of forgetfulness and ignorance) in this monochromatic ink print.

Bestowing good fortune, balance, and removing obstacles during this age of darkness, this non-traditional 12 armed interpretation shows Ganesh with his usual attributes while also displaying Kali's mudra, kapala headdress, skull bowl and wild hair. This was created as a devotional work during which 100,000 mantras were chanted during its creation. The Bindu is the left eye in the center of the piece and confers special blessings to those who gaze upon it in the appropriate manner.

Current run of 4 on 11x14 paper.

*All of Jon Osiris' works are designed as Yantra, which can be used for focusing the mind in practices of meditation and contemplation in higher Yogas.